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Beeswax Candles

We are also producers of beeswax and makers of pure beeswax candles.

Beeswax is widely recognized as the finest wax for candle making. Pure beeswax is long burning, brightly flamed, low smoking, and deliciously scented with the natural fragrance of honey and flowers.

The bees make beeswax from the same raw material as honey, namely the nectar of flowers. After consuming honey, certain young bees secrete tiny flakes of wax from their abdomen. The bees sculpt these flakes into the beautiful honeycomb that forms the physical structure of their city. For every 200 lbs. of honey harvested, we produce about 1 lb. of beeswax as a by-product.

Our candles are available at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market and at the farm. The better selection is in Halifax.

Pure Beeswax Candles

In order to make the dipped candles, Tom wraps the wick around a frame and dips it into a vat of melted wax. When the candles are almost thick enough, he cuts away the frame and makes the final few dips with the tapers hanging freely.
Mary Ann pours liquid wax into candle molds. Once solid, the candles have the brighter yellow as seen in the foreground.
Bees Wax Candles at NovaScotiaHoney.com
Beeswax Candles
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