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Our bees gather nectar from meadows and orchards, from mountains and valleys, across Nova Scotia. All of our honey is pure and natural, unpasteurized, and treated with care. It is a blend of the nectars of a wide variety of fruit blossoms, clover and wildflowers.

Our honey is available in liquid or creamed form. Liquid honey has been heated gently to 40 degrees Celsius to delay crystallization for several months. Creamed honey is cooled and crystallized into a fine, spreadable consistency.

In season, we also have honey available in the comb, exactly as it is made by the bees.

Liquid honey (left and middle) is often amber while creamed honey
(right) is nearly white.

Packing honey in our clean and modern bottling facility
These frames contain honey in the comb. The bees cap the hexagons of honey with wax. To extract the honey the capping is removed and the frames are spun in a honey extractor. The cappings are later melted and strained to refine the beeswax used in our candles.
Mary Ann is cutting the comb from the frame to prepare natural comb honey for sale.
Now, she’s almost finished preparing the comb honey.
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